It Happened

Well, Donald J. Trump has won the presidency.  May God have mercy on our nation.

Every minority in this country is going to be looked upon by suspicion from many of the racists that voted for Trump. Many of these racists in the past who would stay quiet but with Trump winning they will feel emboldened to mock, intimidate, or hurt the “others” of this country.


Trump Could Still Win

Donald Trump is scaring me. His campaign is in disarray, he has no campaign funds. The GOP leadership is voting for him but not really endorsing him. Every other word out of his mouth is despicable. And yet he is still within striking distance of Hillary Clinton. Both Pollster and andReal Clear Politics show that Hillary is not putting him away. What happens if he gets his feet under him and actually starts to make a halfway decent run at the presidency. Or worse, Hillary is indicted for her email server shenanigans? I underestimated Trump in the primaries I won’t do it again.